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We not only care about your oven, but also of youTHE WORLD’S ONLY EFFECTIVE OVEN CLEANING METHOD THAT DOES NOT HARM THE WORLDBauknecht’s patented Pure


Ovens that careBURN ALL GREASE AT 500°C FOR IMMEDIATE REMOVALPyrolytic function heats up the cavity to over 500°C, burning grease and dirt. All you h


Ideal all-in-one appliancefor modern kitchensBEST OF BOTH WORLDS: OVEN AND MICROWAVE IN ONEBauknecht’s built-in compact ovens at a recess height of 4


The Bauknecht Oven Range The Bauknecht Oven RangeDesign - KOMFORT line - Pull-down opening - Protruding handleControl - Retractable knob control - Pro


The Bauknecht Oven RangeHK$26,800The Bauknecht Oven RangeBLPM8100/PT KOMFORT Oven with Pyrolytic Self-Clean SystemDesign- KOMFORT line- Pull-down open

Seite 7 - Love begins by

BLVES8100/EW KOMFORT Oven with White Glass Front and Soft ClosingThe Bauknecht Oven RangeDesign - KOMFORT line - Pull-down opening - Protruding handle


STEAMERTHE ULTIMATE IN HEALTHY COOKING Steaming is ideal for the delicate preparation of meat, fish and vegetables.Meat and sh remain tender and succu

Seite 9 - Functions to enhance your

Steamer: Best recognisablecooking performanceTHE WINNER IN STEAMER PERFORMANCEBauknecht’s steamer came rst in a quality assessment of steamer perform

Seite 10 - PureClean Technology

Healthy eating at your ngertipsMAKE YOUR OWN YOGHURTThe constant temperature maintained by the steamer allows the yoghurt to set. Making your own yog

Seite 11 - Ovens that care

The Bauknecht Steamer RangeThe Bauknecht Steamer RangeECTM8145EWKOMFORT Combi Steamer with White Glass Front ECTM9145/1PTKOSMOS Combi Steamer with Mea

Seite 12 - Ideal all-in-one appliance

Bauknecht epitomises true german heritage by adopting the famed bauhaus philosophy of “less is more”. For over 90 years, this belief has formed the bl

Seite 13 - BCTMS9101PT

HK$ 24,800The Bauknecht Steamer Range The Bauknecht Steamer RangeESTM9145PTKOSMOS Pure SteamerDesign - KOSMOS line - Pull-down opening - Integrated ha

Seite 14 - BMES8145PT

MICROWAVE OVENSTASTY FOOD IN SPLIT SECONDSBauknecht’s microwave ovens share the same user interfaces with our oven range to offer convenient, intuitiv

Seite 15 - COOL FRONT

THE EXCLUSIVE CRISP FUNCTION FOR OUTSTANDING RESULTSThe Crisp function is the combination of a special Crisp plate, the 3D microwave distribution syst

Seite 16 - The greatest gift

CONSTANT MICROWAVE ENERGY FOR OPTIMISED COOKING RESULTYour cooking should preserve tastes and nutrients. The innovative Bauknecht Inverter Technology

Seite 17 - Steamer: Best recognisable

MICROWAVE HOOD COMBINATION: DOUBLE THE POWERThe Bauknecht Microwave Hood Combination is the ideal solution for small kitchens, because it is a powerfu


The Microwave Oven RangeHK$ 15,800HK$ 17,800The Microwave Oven RangeFiller strip is included as an optional itemUnit: mmAbove diagram is not to scaleF

Seite 19 - ECTM9145/1PT

The Microwave Oven RangeHK$ 11,800HK$ 11,800The Microwave Oven RangeEMCCE8138EWKOMFORT 31L Microwave Oven with White Glass Front PanelEMCCE8138PT KOMF

Seite 20 - ESTM8145PT

EMWP9238WSKOMFORT 22L Microwave Oven with White Glass Front PanelThe Microwave Oven RangeHK$ 10,800HK$ 12,800The Microwave Oven RangeEMWP9238PTKOMFORT


MHC8822PTKOMFORT Microwave Hood CombinationThe Microwave Oven RangeHK$ 16,800Design- KOMFORT line - Side opening - Protruding handleControl- Electroni

Seite 22 - Outstanding cooking results

COFFEE MAKERS & WARMER DRAWERSCOFFEE AT ITS BESTBauknecht’s built-in automatic coffee maker really is an all-rounder: whether it’s espresso, cappu

Seite 23 - SOFTENING &

BREATHTAKING DESIGNGermany is renowned for products of quality, but at Bauknecht, what makes our latest appliances special is the fact that they are i


GROUND BEANS AND POWDER SELECTIONOur coffee makers are designed to take 250g of your favourite coffee beans, or pre-grounded coffee depending on your

Seite 25 - EMCHT9145PT

STORAGE FOR YOUR CUPS AND BEANSThe coffee machine is positioned on a sliding system so it can be pulled out easily from the front for lling bean

Seite 26 - EMCCE8138PT

KEEP YOUR CUPS WARM IN A STYLISH WAYIn the world of coffee, temperature is crucial. While water temperature during the brewing process makes a world o

Seite 27 - EMWP9238PT

HK$ 29,800Bauknecht Coffee Makers & Warmer DrawersBauknecht Coffee Makers & Warmer DrawersKMT9145PTKOSMOS Fully Automatic Coffee MakerDesign -

Seite 28 - Above diagram is not to scale

The focus is what is right before you give it your best.‘‘‘‘COOKERHOODSTHE FOCAL POINT OF YOUR KITCHENBauknecht’s range of extractor cookerhoods combi


Enhancing the atmosphere in your kitchen, in every sensePERIMETER ASPIRATION: FRESH AIR, ALWAYSThe Bauknecht perimetric cookerhood produces uniform su

Seite 30 - The perfect coffee experience

ADDITIONAL BOOST TO INCREASE EXTRACTION POWERWhen you are stir-frying or deep-frying, turn on the intensive mode to temporarily increase the extra

Seite 31

Unit: mmAbove diagram is not to scale* Dimensions of the hood in ducting version.** Dimensions of the hood in recycling version.HK$ 34,800Bauknecht

Seite 32 - A match made in heaven

Unit: mmAbove diagram is not to scale* Dimensions of the hood in ducting version.** Dimensions of the hood in recycling version.HK$ 19,800HK$ 21,800

Seite 33 - WD150/1PT

Side viewUnit: mmAbove diagram is not to scale89848030026047060545670-1000HK$ 14,800Bauknecht Cookerhood RangeDesign- Wall mounted type- 900mm width-


CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY At Bauknecht, quality is shaped by innovation that sets out to find solutions for everyday life. Technology driven performance

Seite 35 - Enhancing the atmosphere

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.‘‘‘‘HOBSTHE INTELLIGENCE AND FLEXIBILITY TO MAKE COOKING SIMPLER The Bauknecht ind


ACCOMMODATES A WIDER RANGE OF COOKWAREWith the Flexi-zone function, you can combine two cooking zones and manage them as one. The Flexi-zone recognise

Seite 37 - DWGR8410EW

Intelligent cooking, perfect resultsMAXIMUM HEAT IN JUST 4 MINUTESBauknecht hobs feature an up to 5kW booster that can be activated when fast cooking

Seite 38 - Bauknecht Cookerhood Range

Mix and match with styleMORE SPACE, MORE FLEXIBILITYBauknecht also offers domino hobs so that you can mix and match different combinations according t

Seite 39 - DBTR9190IXL

HK$ 29,800Bauknecht Hobs RangeESMIF8740IN4-head Induction with Flexi-ZoneBauknecht Hobs RangeZone Output (W)Output with booster (W)Diameter (mm)Rear l

Seite 40 - Stay committed

Bauknecht Hobs RangeBauknecht Hobs RangeHK$ 9,800ETI6260INDomino 2-head Induction Hob with Touch ControlDesign - Full glass with LED displayControl -

Seite 41 - COOKWARE

Bauknecht Hobs RangeBauknecht Hobs RangeHK$ 9,800TGZ6260/INDomino Gas Hob with 2 BurnersDesign - Glass in black colourControl - Silver painted knob co

Seite 42 - MELT & SIMMER

REFRIGERATORS & WINE CELLARSGRANDNESS, INSIDE AND OUTSIDE. If you’re passionate about cooking, you know that the nest food starts with great ing

Seite 43 - Mix and match with style

Bauknecht’s Allegro Collection Versatile, just like your need of space ALLEGRO COLLECTION. GUARANTEE ALL THE SPACE YOU NEED.Not only do the shelves ea

Seite 44

Built to your preferred combinationLED LIGHTINGCreating an enhanced sense of space, the strategically-placed LED lights ensure you nd what you’re loo

Seite 45 - Side view

ECO-INNOVATIONS Sustainability is an integral part of our product development process – our innovative kitchen solutions focus on high performance an

Seite 46

Bauknecht’s Allegro CollectionOptimal storage for the perfect glassA PEACEFUL DWELLING FOR YOUR PRECIOUS VINTAGESFor wine experts and enthusiasts, th


Optimal freshness for a healthier lifestyleRECOVERS TEMPERATURE 5 TIMES FASTERYour Bauknecht refrigerator is equipped with our innovative Dynamic Int


ELIMINATING UP TO 99% OF BACTERIAHygiene+ lter offers exceptional anti-bacterial capabilities without the use of chemicals. It inhibits the spread o


Thoughtful design for the perfect bottleThe Bauknecht wine cellar has been designed to safely store a maximum number of bottles. The wine serving cabi


LARGE CAPACITY OF UP TO 167 BORDEAUX BOTTLESThe compact wine cellar holds up to 56 Bordeaux bottles, and the full height cellar is able to hold up to

Seite 51

HK$ 69,800HK$ 75,800Bauknecht Refrigerator RangeSF321060cm Fully Integrated Wine CellarKGIN321090cm Fully Integrated Refrigerator Bauknecht Wine Cella

Seite 52

HK$ 35,800Bauknecht Refrigerator RangeKSN570A+GWSide-by-Side Refrigerator with White Glass FrontBauknecht Refrigerator RangeDesign - Side-by-Side free

Seite 53 - PROGLIDE

HK$ 25,800Bauknecht Refrigerator RangeKGIN31811/A+Fully Integrated Refrigerator Bauknecht Refrigerator RangeDesign - Fully integrated type- Right-hing

Seite 54

Socket on the side of appliance.Unit: mmAbove diagram is not to scaleHK$ 49,800Bauknecht Refrigerator RangeS2560Full Height Wine CellarBauknecht Wine

Seite 55 - KGIN3210

HK$ 32,800Bauknecht Wine Cellar RangeS560Built-under Wine CellarDesign - Full glass door with black trim- Double temperature display (low temp + high

Seite 56

TABLE OF CONTENTSBAUKNECHT’S KITCHEN SERIES The Award-Winning Formula Breathtaking Design Cutting Edge TechnologyEco-Innovations PRODUCT INF

Seite 57 - KGIN3183A++

DISHWASHERSCLEANS AND DRIES YOUR DISHES PERFECTLY IN JUST 1 HOUR. Bauknecht gives you more “me-time” thanks to its innovative dish care technology. Th

Seite 58 - KGIE3205/A++

theThe 1 hour wash & dry is a special program developed to last only 1 hour, for perfectly washed daily load. The program automatically activates

Seite 59

Intelligent programmes, enjoyable dishwashingNO PREWASH WITH 28 POWERFUL JET SPRAYSPowerClean+ is a patented technology that provides best cleaning re


HK$ 17,800HK$ 20,800Bauknecht Dishwashers RangeGSIPX384A3PSemi-integrated DishwasherGSXPX384A3 Fully-integrated DishwasherBauknecht Dishwashers RangeD

Seite 61 - DRY PROGRAM

WASHER DRYERALL-IN-ONE LAUNDRY EXPERTS WITH A VARIETY OF CHOICES.Bauknecht washer dryers offer the perfect solution for your evolving washing & dr

Seite 62 - POWER CLEAN

Drying SelectionsTHE ENVIRONMENTALLY-CONSCIOUS LAUNDRY EXPERTThe Bauknecht washer has been awarded with the Energy and Water Efcient Grade 1 Class. C

Seite 63 - GSXPX384A3

Thoughtful programmes for laundry excellenceHAND WASHHand Wash is a gentle and specialized programme. This programme allows a complete washing cycle f


HK$ 14,800HK$ 17,800Bauknecht Washer Dryer Range Bauknecht Washer Dryer RangeBKWD6120Built-in Washer Dryer BKWD7140Built-in Washer DryerDesign- Fully-

Seite 65 - ALL YOUR NEED

Bauknecht Washer Dryer RangeBKWD1200 Built-in Washer DryerDesign - Fully-integrated type Control - LED display - Electronic control system - Start tim

Seite 66

ShowroomBauknecht Place 1919 G/F, Zoroastrian Building 101 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay • Belgium • Czech Republic • Denmar

Seite 67 - BKWD7140

OVENSWE CARE ABOUT YOUR OVEN AND ALSO THE ENVIRONMENTBauknecht’s continual technological innovations are not to make things complicated, but to stream

Seite 68 - BKWD1200

PREHEAT-FREE TECHNOLOGY: TIME AND ENERGY SAVINGThanks to the Intelligent Heating concept featuring optimised air circulation, the patented heat algori

Seite 69 - Showroom

Functions to enhance your cooking experienceSOFT CLOSING DOORSoft closing of the door allows for a more ergonomic feel and an enhanced quality percept

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